Palgrave Communications, published by Palgrave Macmillan, is inviting article proposals for a special issue on self-knowledge in and out of illness.

Collection Editors

Professor Sherrilyn Roush and Dr Tuomas Pernu (Department of Philosophy, King’s College London, UK)


Self-knowledge has always played a role in healthcare since people need to be able to accurately assess their bodies or behaviour in order to determine whether to seek medical help. Yet more recently it has come to play a larger role, as healthcare has moved from a more paternalistic model to one where the patients are expected to take charge of their health, as more people live with chronic illness that requires self-management, and as the internet makes information and disinformation easier to find than to know what to do with.

When and how do we get self-knowledge, and of what? When and how is it useful and why? Contributions are invited that explore—from philosophical, sociological and/or psychological perspectives—how these and other questions play out in a variety of medical contexts.

Authors who are interested in submitting a paper for any of the collections listed should, in the first instance, to email a short abstract-length proposal to the Managing Editor outlining the scope of their paper; any general enquiries relating to the collection should also be directed to this address.

Final deadline for full submissions: Autumn, 2016

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Michele Weston · May 2, 2016 at 9:31 pm

As an Expert and Advocate this is timely!

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