July 3-5, 2012
Hydra Island,GREECE


We are pleased to announce The First Annual International Women & War Conference.

This three-day  conference will examine the experience of women in war, past and present, using  ancient Greek drama as a means of inciting international discourse on post traumatic stress syndrome and healing.

• Submission of Papers Workshops/Film/Videos: by April 7, 2012 • Reduced fee for Conference registration: by May 1, 2012

The First Annual International Women & War Conference is designed to exchange and discuss research being done across all disciplines on this important topic.  Members of the academic, military, artistic, mental health, and political communities engaged in arts, humanities, health, gender, military, and political research are encouraged to present and to attend.

This conference intends to explore the experience of women before, during, and after war, past and present, guided by the understanding that in the 21st century, women are affected by war as combatants, mothers, wives, partners, daughters, and victims of psychological and physical trauma. The goal is to build links between international students, artists, military members, researchers, mental health providers, and scholars, and to help foster a shared community of global research.

We invite submissions and registration from mental health researchers, theatre, music, dance, and visual artists, historians, and scholars engaged in examining the roles and representation of women in war and resultant psychological trauma.

This first conference is entitled, “Building an Interdisciplinary Dialogue” and will examine the fusion of historical, aesthetic, theoretical, psychological, and imaginative investigations into the identity and understanding of female roles and archetypes within war. The conference will also utilize practice-as-research principles. Proposed topic areas, spanning pre-war, during war, and post-war experiences include:
• Acting and Performing Identity
• Humanities Informing Healthcare and the Long-Term Impact of Trauma
• Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
• Women and Military Socialisation
• Women on the Home Front and the Battle Front
• Motherhood and War
• Women War Artists
• The Refugee Experience

The International Women & War Conference has confirmed an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, workshop leaders, and moderators from Greece, Canada, Britain, Scotland, Israel, the U.S., and Holland.  The conference will be constituted of peer-selected cutting-edge research papers, photojournalism, film/video, and workshops, which will be published in the proceedings by Ryerson University.

Research questions fuelling our enquiries include:

1. Can contemporary theatrical and/or dance productions of ancient Greek battle-themed plays written to a backdrop of war provide a lens through which to view and debate the female war experience? Can these productions effectively examine moral and ethical conflicts related to participation in and around combat?  If so, how is this assessed?
2. Can the recovery process for war-related PTSD be assisted by the transformative power of theatre, dance, film, video, and still photography?
3. How do artists, scholars, and researchers adopt modes of formulating and disseminating research that draw upon traditional intellectually-driven findings, yet which may culminate in the sharing of embodied knowledge, personalized and presented through performance?
4. Where are the effective intersections in social sciences and humanities research in the areas of mental health, war, gender, and the arts?

The conference is open to military personnel, mental health researchers, educators, scholars and artists from all over the world and is an opportunity to meet potential collaborators from different countries as well as participate in an international discussion about the impact of war on women globally.

The conference working languages are English and Greek. Translation services will be provided.

You are welcome to take part in the conference as a Speaker, Workshop Presenter, and/or Participant. Space, however, is limited.  Please apply early.

Papers, presentations, and workshops looking at the entire pre-, during-, and post-war experience for women are encouraged.  It is important that scholars, artists, and researchers from all disciplines attend and participate.

Papers: 15 minute papers may be presented, followed by Q & A
Film/Videos: Up to 30 minutes of film/video may be presented, with a discussion immediately following with the director/producer/and/or other key artists.
Practical workshop, master class, work in progress, performance fragment not requiring special technical conditions, reading/lecture, other way of demonstration offered by Speaker/Presenter will be considered.

Proposals should be sent to Peggy Shannon and should include the following documents:
• Detailed CV
• Brief Biography – max 100 words
• Title and format of presentation
• Abstract of presentation – max 300 words

If proposing a film or video presentation please include a 5 minute Film/Video extract, DVD format, with a full synopsis (if applicable).

All documents of a presentation proposal should be sent in one email as PDF attachments:  text documents should be sent in Word format; photo materials should be sent in JPEG format; Video/Films in DVD format.

Participants of accepted submissions will be notified by April 22nd, 2012. For details of registration fees, please visit the conference web site.

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