Workshop on communicating medical materialities, 8-9 March 2013

Medical Museion, Copenhagen

On the 8th-9th of march 2013, Medical Museion will host a workshop entitled ‘It’s Not What You Think – Communicating Medical Materialities’. The workshop builds from a central concern with materiality, asking what can be communicated about and through it.

The workshop will be an experimental meeting place for a wide range of people interested in materiality, medicine and communication. The workshop is less about presenting current work in paper form; rather, participants will be asked to bring along their problems with materiality, medical objects, and their communication. Then, through object sessions, shared discussions and trips to the archives, the participants will work together to come up with partial solutions, pragmatic fixes, and novel approaches.

You can read much more about the workshop here, see the flyer here and find submission info here.

Confirmed participants so far include Ken Arnold (Wellcome Collection), Annamaria Carusi (U Copenhagen), Sarah Davies (Arizona State University), Sandra Dudley (School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester), Anthony Dunne (Royal College of Art, London and Dunne & Raby Design Studio), Maja Horst (U Copenhagen), Jenell Johnson (U Madison-Wisconsin), Angela Last (Central Saint Martins College Of Art and Design, London), Lucy Lyons (City & Guilds of London Art School), David Pantalony (Canada Science and Technology Museum, and U Ottawa), and Thomas Söderqvist (U Copenhagen).

Please feel free (nay, encouraged) to share this call with your friends and colleagues.

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