Probing the Interior 1800-2012

A conference to be held at The Courtauld Institute of Art and King’s College London, Friday 25 May 2012

CALL FOR PAPERS:  Bodily, psychic and spatial interiors can be mapped, traversed and violated in multiple ways. This one-day conference will interrogate and reevaluate the contested terrain of the interior in its varied forms. It will examine the interlacing and overlapping of different types of interiors, and seek to re-position the ‘interior’ in critical terms. Moreover, it will attempt to develop new ways ofthinking about the relationship between the decorative arts, furniture, bio-technologies, anatomy and space. The conference will take place in The Courtauld Institute of Art Research Forum and conclude with a keynote address in the Anatomy Theatre at King’s College London.

The conference will be built around three themes: Threshold, Incision and Autopsy.

For more information, download the Probing the Interior Call for Papers. Please email your proposals of no more than 250 words (20-minute papers) by 30 November 2011.

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