Farewell to the CMH Blog

Founding Editor Angela Woods writes… It’s the end of era! Eight years and over 2500 posts later, the Centre for Medical Humanities blog is shutting up shop. In it’s place and launching tomorrow, Thursday 14 September, a new site called The Polyphony  will publish essays, reviews and provocations from across Read more…

Call for Papers

Call for Papers: The Faces of Depression in Literature (Seminar, 7-10 March)

ACLA Conference 2019: Annual Meeting Georgetown University Organizer: Prof. Dr. Josefa Ros Velasco (Department of Romance Languages and Literature, Harvard University) The NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) defines depression as a common but serious mood disorder that causes severe symptoms (asthenia, anhedonia, abulia, among many others) that affect how Read more…

Exhibition Review

‘Loud and tender’: exhibition review of John Walter’s Alien Sex Club, (Wellcome Collection, London, until 27th August) by Theo Gordon

Theo Gordon writes: What is the pedagogical function of art? How can art communicate complicated information about, for example, developments in HIV treatment, or changes in sexual behaviour and epidemiology, to the public? And, perhaps more importantly, why might art be considered an appropriate channel for the dissemination of medical Read more…

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